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A lead to invoice, solution for recycled materials traders. Jules AI makes it easy to capture, notify, execute and track deals anywhere and anytime.

From lead to invoice

Jules trading workspace brings in one place sales reps, admin, logistics and accounts team to make deal making and trade execution ten times better.

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Leverage your network to the fullest

Jules AI helps you identify and activate dormant suppliers and customers. Functionalities include notes capture, alerts for dormant customer, pricing, opportunities management and supplier/customer profiles.

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Always know where you stand

In one glance, check positions by product, contract or geographies,
Easily get to know when immediate action is needed for instance for light-weight loadings or under-delivery

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that grow with Jules AI.

With Jules,
Metplast’s team sell
smarter and faster.

Jules is among the only company
that has managed to onboard Metplast’s
people in a digitization project. This
collaboration is growing every month.

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Jules’s unique
because it is a
software that traders use.

Speed, simplicity, ergonomy and
Jules’s support in making change
happening make it the first solution
actually used to do the business at CMP.

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Execute deals smoothly

Easily identify next task and execute it: planing, booking, docs, invoicing etc.

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Generate and manage all documents

Jules AI enables you to generate any doc you might require for your business, leverage multiple templates for the same document and organize them.

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The modern trading workspace
for recyclers

Easy integration

Jules is a fully Apized platform making
it easy to connect to other software such as an
ERP, supply chain visbility solution or marketplace.

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Jules provides a set of
confidentiality features
adapted to the need of the
buyers and traders. Information
is your key asset, it should be
protected accordingly

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Jules is fun and simple
to use. The pricing is simple too: you pay based on your truck or container volumes, tracking the market fluctuations.

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Jules started in 2021 in stealth mode with the ambition to bring automation, convenience and data insights to recycled materials traders. The team combines more than thirty years of experience in the recycling industry.

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