There is a way to increase
your recycling margin

A digital assistant for recycling businesses.
Harold’s algorithms optimize sourcing, sales
and increase back office productivity.

Purchase at
the right price

Its time to change how we do pricing.
Tens of factors impact your margins.
Harold’s algorithms bring together all
costs and sales data to help your team
optimize purchase prices while
reducing transactional costs.

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Leverage your
network to
its full potential

Forget excel sheets. Harold helps utilize
your vast network with live access to
data (latest price, volume evolution,
tasks, ect), accelerating you towards
your goals.

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Optimize sales

All information consolidated, in just
one glance : open purchase, sales,
quality claim risk, credit insurance
or Letter of Credit status.

Join the companies who increase
their recycling margin.

With Harold,
Metplast’s team sell
smarter and faster.

Harold is among the only company
that has managed to onboard Metplast’s
people in a digitization project. This
collaboration is growing every month.

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Harold’s unique
because it is a
software that is used.

Speed, simplicity, ergonomy and
Harold’s support in making change
happening make it the first solution
actually used to do the business at CMP.

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Track the market
fluctuations in

Every day your team generates
hundreds of data points through calls,
discussion, hearsay… Harold brings
them all in one place and helps you
always adjust to a winning strategy

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the boring tasks
to Harold

Automate repetive tasks, such as
confirmation email, inputing purchase
and sales contract into the ERP,
generating reporting

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The digital assistant
for the new recycling era

Easy integration

Harold can plug into any
ERP and market standard
application so that you can
have for each of your need
the best in class solution

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Harold provides a set of
confidentiality features
adapted to the need of the
recycling industry. Informatio
is your key asset, it should be
protected accordingly

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Harold is fun and simple
to use. This is why it is
actually adopted by teams
and generates actual
productivity gains

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We started Harold in 2018 with
a simple mission : Help accelerate the
switch toward a circular economy. We
believe that the best way to do that is
by providing recycling companies with

the best in class software to help them
do more and better.

Start increasing
profitability right now.

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There is a way
to increase
your recycling