All you need to streamline
your purchases & sales of physical commodities



A lead to invoice, solution for buyers/traders of physical commodities.
Harold makes it easy to capture, notify, execute and track deals anywhere and anytime.

From lead to invoice

Forget excel sheets and triple entry. Conduct your physical commodity trading business from anywhere via your browser and mobile phone.
Harold enables you to execute efficiently all your deals from making offers to sending invoices and tracking payment

Upgrade your business today

Prepare and broadcast great
offers at scale

Harold algorithm makes it a 3 click process to prepare a list of prices and qualities to share to a supplier. Accurate weight per loading, exchange rate, export costs, logistic cost, all these factor are integrated to deliver accurate pricing. You can easily broadcast via E-Mail or WhatsApp and track openings

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Always know where you stand

In one glance, check positions by product, contract or geographies,
Easily get to know when immediate action is needed for instance for light-weight loadings or under-delivery

Join the companies
that grow with Harold.

With Harold,
Metplast’s team sell
smarter and faster.

Harold is among the only company
that has managed to onboard Metplast’s
people in a digitization project. This
collaboration is growing every month.

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Harold’s unique
because it is a
software that is used.

Speed, simplicity, ergonomy and
Harold’s support in making change
happening make it the first solution
actually used to do the business at CMP.

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Track the market in real time

Harold makes data collection seamless. The analytics layer
then makes it easy to track current market moves including
logistic prices, commodity prices, market feeling

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Seamless collaboration

Deals are always team work. Embedded task system in Harold, integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams makes collaboration frictionless. Tasks can be assigned on a contract, supplier, customer or loading so that you always have the right context to complete it quickly.

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The digital assistant
for best buyers and traders

Easy integration

Harold is a fully Apized platform making
it easy to connect to other software such as an
ERP, supply chain visbility solution or marketplace.

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Harold provides a set of
confidentiality features
adapted to the need of the
buyers and traders. Information
is your key asset, it should be
protected accordingly

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Harold is fun and simple
to use. The pricing is simple too: you pay based on your truck or container volumes, tracking the market fluctuations.

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Harold started  in 2018 with the mission to make the switch toward a circular economy faster.
We are building our mobile and web application with love, from Paris, France.

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